Lans Resort: A hidden gem in the heart of Brzeće in Kopaonik

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The complex is located in the village of Brzece, only 15 km from the center of Kopaonik, in a quiet environment rich in natural beauty, while within LANS Resort itself, you have the option of using a spa center, restaurant, swimming pool, and gym. You can completely surrender to enjoyment and rest, while the content will impose itself. It’s up to you to choose today’s activities. It is an ideal place for a family to stay with or without children, it is also a great choice for people with health problems.

The apartments are luxuriously decorated and equipped with everything you need for a pleasant stay, including wireless internet, TV, and a separate bathroom. The restaurant and bar offer a variety of food and drinks, as well as traditional specialties from the region. In the immediate vicinity of the complex, there is a mini ski slope, which is ideal for children and their first skiing steps.

A perfect family vacation in nature

Natural beauties, such as the Jelovarnik waterfall, near LANS Resort will win you over at first glance. A magnificent natural attraction, it is located in the middle of a dense forest that provides the thick shade you will want on sunny, summer days. Jelovarnik waterfall is the second-highest waterfall in Serbia, with a height of 71m. It is located two and a half kilometers east of Pancic’s Peak, and eight kilometers from LANS Resort, in Brzeće.

Regardless of the fact that it is a quiet and small place at the foot of Kopaonik, you can find a post office, a clinic, a shop, and a police station. The enviable location of the complex will captivate you with its functionality and safety at all times.

For fans of winter sports, the resort has a ski service, ski rental, and a restaurant with local cuisine which is located in the immediate vicinity. Give yourself a breather and enjoy the homely atmosphere surrounded by mountain peaks.

The Brzeće gondola that takes you to the very top of the ski slopes is located a few minutes away from the accommodation itself. In addition to the gondola that is within your reach, there is also a mini ski slope, ideal for children and all beginners in skiing, and this is one of the main features that make this place ideal for a family stay and vacation.

Near Brzeće, where the LANS Resort is located, there is also the Metođe Sanctuary, which will certainly not leave you indifferent. It is a small church, located on the rock. From the canyon, over hills and passes, on steep goat tracks, you can reach the very cliff, hidden in the thicket. In the lower part, there is a small cave, and in the cave, there is a shrine. The church was built in Turkish times, and it was there that people hid from the Turks and built a small church on the cliff itself. It is dedicated to Saint Methodius, the bishop of the city of Patra of Lycia. Do not miss the opportunity to visit this place, which has a very inspiring and unusual story behind it.

The natural, peaceful, and beautiful surroundings of the complex will awaken your curiosity because from here you will quickly reach the Lukovska Spa, the Marble Monument, and many other natural beauties. While visiting all the mentioned sights, along the way you will come across many springs, the source of the river Toplica and water mills that have been in operation for over 100 years.

Whether it’s winter or summer, the nearby restaurants of local cuisine, widely known for their excellent and authentic Kopaonik specialties, are the perfect place to rest.

Lans Resort is a place where you will always return with a smile on your face because, in addition to enjoying the beautiful surroundings of the mountain, you also get the comfort of the modern tourism industry.