Create memories in a winter paradise: LANS Resort on Kopaonik

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LANS Resort is a place where you will always be happy to return for a dose of real winter magic. The village of Brzece on Kopaonik is located at 1070m above sea level, and among other things, it is considered an air spa and is an ideal place to rest and recharge your batteries.

Whether you’ve come to enjoy peace and quiet, want to try new winter activities, or simply want to satisfy your adventurous spirit, this is a place that offers you a variety of amenities and opportunities.

Brzeće: Winter adventure and quiet vacation in one place

Winter in Brzeće, in Kopaonik, is ideal for those who want to enjoy skiing and snowboarding, without being located in the center of events and crowds. The Brzeće Gondola is located just a few minutes away from the LANS Resort and allows a quick and easy ascent to the top of Mali Karaman. The drive to the very top takes about 12 minutes, and the descent to Brzece along the Bela Reka trail, which is also the longest trail, will give you a unique experience that you will want to repeat.

It will be a place that will enrich your mind and body. You can get acquainted with driving snowmobiles or quads, and the experience you will experience is truly unique and we encourage you to give yourself the vacation you have been dreaming of. The possibility of night sledding on the Karaman Ridge track invites you to experience winter in a completely innovative way. A great activity for all of you who want to avoid crowds, while on the other hand, you like snowy landscapes without too many crowds.

If you came on vacation with children, you can relax because the ski schools are ready to awaken your little ones’ love for snow, skiing and mountains, so that you can all enjoy the winter magic together. Be sure that the love for the mountains and winter activities will blossom in your little ones.

The best destination for winter vacation

Kopaonik is one of the largest and most popular ski resorts in the region with over 50 km of ski trails suitable for both beginners and advanced skiers, with the possibility of night skiing.

When fatigue takes its toll after all the sports activities, Kopaonik offers you a large selection of cafes and restaurants as a place to rest. Restaurants with traditional Serbian cuisine will restore your energy and strength, after which you can have a great time during the evening hours. There are many choices, and all you have to do is choose the music program of your choice and have a good time in a real, mountain environment.

Life in the 21st century is too fast and we often forget to enjoy what surrounds us. Everything is available to us, and we are not even aware of it. We do most things mechanically today, without thinking about the beauty of life. Nature is what can connect us with ourselves, as well as with people close to us.

Embark on new adventures with maximum presence and don’t let a day go by without new, wonderful memories. Fill your vacation with quality content, without idleness, and experience the mountain in the right way. There are many activities, and the memories will be even more. Peace, adventure, and companionship.