Explore the natural beauties of Kopaonik

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The mountain is a great choice to get away from the hot city asphalt and explore all the natural beauty that Kopaonik National Park has to offer. Lans Resort is located at the foot of Kopaonik, in the village of Brzeće.

In this place, there are sports fields, a riding school, a panoramic gondola ride, a quad bike ride, an adventure park, as well as many other interesting activities for both children and adults.

A vacation filled with hedonism, adrenaline and pleasure

Where will you create better memories than on a family vacation in the clean, mountain air? In addition to all the activities that Brzece offers, staying on the mountain in the summer allows you to get to know the local culture and history of this place. Summer on the mountain is ideal for those who want to relax and enjoy the homely atmosphere. The natural beauty in the immediate surroundings of Kopaonik will give you an unforgettable experience.

Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy trips to amazing places such as Semetesko Lake, Marko’s Rock, and numerous monasteries during your visit to Kopaonik. Semetesko Lake is an unusual attraction located at the foot of Kopaonik Mountain. A mysterious lake that offers the possibility of driving on the so-called “floating” islands. In the built ethno-objects, every year in August, a conference known as Ilin Days is organized. Summer is the perfect time to visit this natural attraction.

Mark’s rocks are a footpath, bordered by stones, which leads to a landscaped area of stacked rocks, 10 meters high. Live an extraordinary experience, during the sunny days that are the most pleasant on the mountain.

Walking tours are one way to fill your time with quality. Stay active in a relaxing, natural environment. Walking is extremely beneficial for a person’s physical and mental health. One of the best ways to get to know and experience Kopaonik and the mountain is through hiking tours. You can go on your own or if you want, you can ask for a professional guide. The public company Kopaonik National Park organizes a walking tour almost every day. We offer the following hiking trails: Nebeske stolice, Metodje, Jelovarnik, Treska, Marko’s Rock and many others.

Numerous activities throughout the year

For all skiers and snowboarders who look forward to the cold and snowy season, there is an opportunity to enjoy winter sports during the summer as well. Next to the Krst cable car, on the already existing track, an artificial track, 900 meters long, has been built, which offers the possibility of skiing at any time of the year.

Mountain biking is a popular form of recreation around the world. It involves riding specially designed bicycles on special tracks with various obstacles that need to be overcome. A great choice for an adventurous spirit and a dynamic vacation. The first BIKE park in Serbia was built on Kopaonik in 2012.

Perhaps one of the most interesting attractions for visitors in the surroundings of Kopaonik is the rapid descent through the forest and mountain areas, using bobsleds on rails. A perfect choice for both the younger and the older population. Safety and fun are guaranteed.

In addition to all the activities and natural beauties that we have selected for you, we will list a few more activities that we wholeheartedly encourage you to do, but we will not go into detail. So, you can also enjoy a panoramic cable car ride, ZIP line, horse riding, as well as quad biking. Make the child in you and your children happy with an unforgettable summer experience on the mountain.

Adrenaline and nature are never enough. While you soak up the sun on the terrace, with a view of the mountain peaks, you will gather energy and motivation for the next adventures that await you when you return to reality.